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Finished Games
Completed restorations.

Last changed on 02/26/20. This album contains 12832 items.
This album has been viewed 34091 times since 05/18/12.
Addams Family Black version BI(2014) (9838 views)
Addams Family chrome trim (8490 views)
Addams Family EH Blacked out Green caps(2016) (1650 views)
Addams Family Gold (5275 views)
Addams Family Gold GM (6119 views)
Addams Family Gold NOS pf extra gold BH(2015) (3013 views)
Addams Family prototype SV(2014) (4713 views)
Addams Family standard BD(2012) (8331 views)
Addams Family standard trim (5625 views)
Addams Family Standard trim JS(2015) (3262 views)
Attack from Mars (original playfield,chrome)BD(2014) (5797 views)
Attack From Mars Black/Black Mirror Blades (6275 views)
Attack From Mars Black trim w/Red ramps TB(2014) (4038 views)
Attack From Mars Black v1 ML (4128 views)
Attack from Mars Black with chrome wireforms EK(2014) (3797 views)
Attack From Mars Chrome Trim KP (4961 views)
Attack From Mars Chrome trim neon lighted post KR(2014) (3800 views)
Attack From Mars Chrome trim SF(2015) (2630 views)
Attack from Mars green chrome ships standard trim TD (5606 views)
Attack From Mars Joe D (4810 views)
Attack From Mars MM (4773 views)
Attack From Mars Prototype SS(2013) (5874 views)
Attack From Mars Standard trim 2(2010) (4443 views)
Attack From Mars standard trim black mirror blades JD (3793 views)
Attack From Mars standard trim SP (3888 views)
Attack From Mars with NOS playfield SB (6048 views)
Avengers LE Blue (custom blue)MA(2013) (4659 views)
Banzai Run prototype DB (5691 views)
Banzai Run sample MK (4749 views)
Black Knight (4954 views)
Black Knight 2000 (4677 views)
Bram Stokers Dracula black trim DH(2015) (4217 views)
Bram Stokers Dracula JH(alt art,black trim)2015 (4774 views)
Bram Stokers Dracula MR chrome (2015) (3233 views)
Cactus Canyon AC (6215 views)
Cactus Canyon Chrome (4742 views)
Cactus Canyon Continued GR(2014) (7415 views)
Cactus Canyon standard trim (3293 views)
Centaur (5213 views)
Centaur Silver Version GS(2016) (2684 views)
Centaur with Silver Legs RB (5002 views)
Champion Pub Chrome AC (2209 views)
Champion Pub Gold RS (4720 views)
Cirqus Voltaire chrome/mirror blades (5617 views)
Cirqus Voltaire Chrome BM (2015) (3029 views)
Cirqus Voltaire SP (4367 views)
Creature From the Black Lagoon Black Nickel (4711 views)
Creature from the Black Lagoon black trim JF (2959 views)
Creature From The Black Lagoon Chrome (3434 views)
Creature From the Black Lagoon gloss black version TA(2014) (4163 views)
Creature From the Black Lagoon GR (9654 views)
Creature From the Black Lagoon pale pink playfield (3501 views)
Creature From the Black Lagoon standard trim (4276 views)
Cyclone (3251 views)
Diner (3614 views)
Dirty Harry Black Nickel TD (5637 views)
Doctor Who 2019 (1369 views)
Earthshaker Sample game JD(2013) (3943 views)
Earthshaker Sample game standard (3113 views)
Earthshaker Sample game with Pink backglass (3423 views)
Eight Ball Deluxe (5670 views)
Eight Ball Deluxe SF(2015) (3395 views)
Eight Ball Deluxe SM (3319 views)
Elvira and the Party Monsters (5041 views)
Evel Knievel (3911 views)
Fathom(2006) (3082 views)
FIRE! Black with shading JD 2017 (1795 views)
Firepower 2018 (467 views)
Fish Tales(2005) (3984 views)
Flash Gordon CM(2015) (3955 views)
Four Million BC JD 2017 (1737 views)
Funhouse Chrome AC (4264 views)
Funhouse EK full chrome and mirror blades (2014) (5343 views)
Funhouse sample L.S Topcoat (3875 views)
Funhouse Standard trim JH (5277 views)
Funhouse Standard trim JZ(2014) (3756 views)
Funhouse System 11 style RD (6419 views)
Getaway Black Nickel JD (4243 views)
Guns n Roses (4569 views)
Harlem Globetrotters chrome legs JD(2014) (3339 views)
Harlem Globetrotters MS (2014) (4243 views)
Harlem Globetrotters Orange ball painted legs JS(2016) (2656 views)
Indiana Jones Gold/Over the top (6290 views)
Indiana Jones in Black MA(2014) (4517 views)
Indiana Jones JP (4872 views)
Indiana Jones JW (5751 views)
Indiana Jones NOS playfield,gold trim RR (2015) (3698 views)
Indiana Jones PB(2014) (3557 views)
Indiana Jones TONS of Gold JS(2015) (3801 views)
Indianapolis 500 (3519 views)
Ironman (3703 views)
Iron Man Black Nickel MV(2013) (4056 views)
Jackbot (3391 views)
Junkyard (3938 views)
Jurrasic Park (4166 views)
King Kong (3701 views)
King Kong ST(2013) (4001 views)
King Kong with VUK and drop targets DB (2014) (3680 views)
KingPin Capcom (3136 views)
Kiss (4408 views)
Krull (8451 views)
Lord of the Rings (gold) SK (2013) (4619 views)
Lord of the Rings LE (3837 views)
Medieval Madness Black (5434 views)
Medieval Madness Black Nickel,Black Mirror blades (6412 views)
Medieval Madness Black Nickel standard build MV(2013) (3853 views)
Medieval Madness Black trim JO(2015) (2298 views)
Medieval Madness Chrome,custom castle SF(2014) (3642 views)
Medieval Madness Chrome 2 (4130 views)
Medieval Madness chrome BM (2015) (2069 views)
Medieval Madness chrome GM (3363 views)
Medieval Madness Chrome SC(2014) (3157 views)
Medieval Madness GR (9490 views)
Medieval Madness in sample cabinet (2674 views)
Medieval Madness mods and chrome trim AC (3789 views)
Medieval Madness original cab/black trim DK(2013) (3513 views)
Medieval Madness standard JG (4672 views)
Medieval Madness standard trim JP (4629 views)
Medieval Madness w/chrome door SF(2013) (3401 views)
Medusa Gold EH(2016) (3983 views)
Medusa JH (5342 views)
Monster Bash Black/NOS pf and custom figures JO(2014) (5681 views)
Monster Bash Black JS(2013) (3767 views)
Monster Bash Chrome trim AC (4650 views)
Monster Bash DC(2015) (2951 views)
Monster Bash Full chrome and mirror blades SF (5776 views)
Monster Bash full chrome MK (2615 views)
Monster Bash Full Chrome WG (2013) (4363 views)
Monster Bash Inner decals,ModFather painted figures,NOS playfield JS (2015) (3337 views)
Monster Bash IPB playfield NM (3938 views)
Monster Bash standard trim,NOS playfield,custom painted figures JN(2014) (3790 views)
Monster Bash standard trim GR(2013) (7429 views)
Monster Bash TD (4321 views)
Monster Bash with NOS playfield and standard trim JD (4082 views)
No Fear (2954 views)
No Good Gofers JB (3576 views)
Phantom Of the Opera (2868 views)
Playboy Bally GS(2013) (4294 views)
Radical Prototype (3641 views)
Rocky & Bullwinkle (3890 views)
Royal Flush(76)TD(2013) (3624 views)
Safe Cracker Chrome GM (3999 views)
Safe Cracker chrome mk (2802 views)
Safe Cracker chrome PB (1482 views)
Safecracker JB (3475 views)
Scared Stiff AS(2013) (4147 views)
Scared Stiff Black trim GR(2014) (7731 views)
Scared Stiff Black trim original lower cabinet WS(2014) (3685 views)
Scared Stiff chrome trim GM(2014) (3597 views)
Scared Stiff DK(chrome trim original lower cab)(2013) (3062 views)
Scared Stiff JH (3104 views)
Space Invaders (4514 views)
Star Trek Bally KP (3934 views)
Star Trek the Next Generation Black trim MK(2016) (3081 views)
Star Trek The Next Generation Chrome trim (4791 views)
Star Wars Data East 2016 (1593 views)
STTNG standard (3659 views)
Swords of Fury SV (4959 views)
Tales of the Arabian Nights Gold DQ(2014) (4268 views)
Tales of the Arabian Nights Gold trim PB(2016) (2235 views)
Tales of the Arabian Nights GR(2014) (6792 views)
Tales of the Arabian Nights standard (4563 views)
Tales Of the Arabian Nights w NOS pf RS(2013) (4459 views)
Taxi black trim JD(2016) (2847 views)
Terminator 2 Chrome (6874 views)
Terminator 2 Chrome Edition JH(2016) (2974 views)
Theatre of Magic BA(2015) (3294 views)
Theatre of Magic Chrome(original cabinet)AC(2013) (3691 views)
Theatre of Magic full gold BI(2015) (3653 views)
Theatre of Magic GB (3279 views)
Theatre of Magic gold with gold door (3615 views)
Theatre of Magic RS (4462 views)
The Machine Bride of Pinbot Chrome trim (4485 views)
The Machine Bride Of Pinbot standard trim (4048 views)
The Shadow JD (5177 views)
Tommy (3143 views)
Tommy RC(2015) (2747 views)
Twilight Zone BH full chrome,lots of mods inner decals (2014) (3240 views)
Twilight Zone Black (6191 views)
Twilight Zone Black lots of mods JO(2014) (3852 views)
Twilight Zone Black trim TF (2014) (3738 views)
Twilight Zone Black v2 SB(2013) (4153 views)
Twilight Zone Black WS(2014) (4226 views)
Twilight Zone Chrome(EBTKS)SF(2013) (4048 views)
Twilight Zone Chrome/Mods MJ (2013) (3762 views)
Twilight Zone DC (2015) (3257 views)
Twilight Zone JM (3063 views)
Twilight Zone Joe D (4924 views)
Twilight Zone JP (3851 views)
Twilight Zone ML(2010) (4219 views)
Twilight Zone Mods and Chrome trim AC(2010) (2779 views)
Twilight Zone Prototype BV(2011) (3989 views)
Twilight Zone sample game in black trim DK(2013) (3161 views)
Twilight Zone standard trim SE (3993 views)
Ultimate Golf Ball Frenzy(EDS/OCC NGG conversion) (2553 views)
Vector TP(2015) (2908 views)
Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom BH (2014) (3742 views)
Whirlwind Diamond Plate BH(2014) (4047 views)
Whirlwind KP (7095 views)
White Water Blue/Chrome SK(2015) (2790 views)
White Water Blue paint/Chrome trim (4838 views)
White Water Chrome AC (3637 views)
White Water chrome JD(2013) (4128 views)
Whitewater JN (3733 views)
White Water KP (2621 views)
White Water standard trim JP (3324 views)
White Water standard version SP (3932 views)
Who ? Dunnit (3726 views)
World Cup Soccer 94 prototype(2005) (4167 views)

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